Inheritor Recordings

Inheritor Recordings
Brian Johnson
Marc Stephenson
David Cooper
Laura Avery, Ralph Escamillan, Hayden Fong, Lisa Gelley, Josh Martin, Lexi Vajda, Jessica Wilkie, Sophia Wolfe, Scott Augustine, Maxine Chadburn, Elya Grant, Elissa Hanson, Stew Iguidez, Tyler Olson, Jane Osborne, Diego Romero

Company 605 has teamed up with director Brian Johnson to create Inheritor Recordings, a short dance film resently released in Vancouver as a part of PuSh Festival on January 22, 2015 . The film is based on a section of the stage version of Inheritor Album and involves 16 performers, and an original score by Jesse Zubot.

Other screenings of the film:

RADAR 2015 (Detroit, Minneapolis, Seattle, USA)
San Francisco Film Festival 2015 (Recipient of Best Cinematography Award, Honorable Mention for Best Screeen Dance under 10 minutes) 
Topanga Film Festival 2015
Dance Made in Canada 2015
Movies by Movers 2015
POOL 2015 (Ikono TV Broadcast)

Stay tuned for more details about the project and its trajectory! 

 "The Making of Inheritor Recordings" is a behind-the-scenes look at the filming process, with video footage by David Cooper and editing by Sophia Wolfe.