Inheritor Album

65 minutes
605 Collective
June 2012, Canada Dance Festival, Ottawa, Theatre Hall
Original Cast:
Laura Avery, Justine Chambers, Lisa Gelley, Shay Kuebler, Josh Martin, David Raymond
Original Sound Design:
Kristen Roos
Miwa Matreyek
Project Programming:
Wlad A. Woyno R.
Lighting Design:
Jason Dubois
David Cooper, Josh Hite, Chris Randle

Drawn from interpretations of inheritance and succession, Inheritor Album is a collection of short pieces that pull apart the roles of inheritor and predecessor, exploring a transitional period between the two, and creating brief snapshots of one generation’s place in time. Inheritor Album is a serenity prayer in motion—a meditation on transition that calls for simultaneous strength and surrender, with the dance embodying this duality. This work features six performers dancing alongside integrated film/animation projections created by award-winning visual artist Miwa Matreyek ( 

“Dancing on the Edge’s Inheritor Album is awesomely impressive.” – Alexander Varty, The Georgia Straight

 “Inheritor Album works on all levels to deliver a complete performance that is visually arresting, emotionally moving and intellectually stimulating. It was a performance not to be missed.” –Kelsie Acton, The Sound + Noise

Inheritor Album was made possible through funding from the Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, City of Vancouver, Hamber Foundation and Vancouver Foundation. The project received creative residencies at The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, The Massey Theatre, and The Dance Centre, and additional co-production support from the Canada Dance Festival.