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Inheritor Album Review 09.10.12

In the final image of 605 Collective's Inheritor Album the six performers dance together in a tight clump at the centre of the stage. Bands of light rapidly roll down the stage, illuminating them and then sending them into shadows..../ More

New Animal Review 09.02.12

The lemon stands at Donald's Market must have been empty this week. By the end of the 605 Collective's New Animal, uncountable smashed carcasses of the citrus fruit littered the Cultch floor, along with mangy strips of vintage fur .../ More

AUDIBLE Review 15.07.13

Among the basic human needs is the strong urge to connect, to be seen, to be heard, to be - audible. 605 Collective, a Vancouver based dance company explores the idea of craving connection and the impact of technology on our interactions in their evening l.../ More